Friday, 3 August 2012

A challenge for August

Well ladies and gents, I've been set a challenge by the lovely Nikky Hall, her of Polkadoodles fame.   What do you mean, you've not heard of Polkadoodles.  Well get yourself over there right now and then come back and read the rest of this.  The link leads to her website, but she also has a blog   I know I've made it sound like it's only me she's challenged, but that would not quite be true.  In fact it's not true at all, it's the monthly challenge for followers/members/likers, call us what you will, of her facebook group page.   It follows on from last month, when she was kind enough to provide with a freebie and a sketch and then told us to get on with it and design a card.   Which a lot of us did, and there was a very lovely winning card.  It wasn't mine, but that's ok, I didn't for a minute expect mine to be a winner.

Oh yes, of course I'll show you mine,  Only if you show me yours too.  (oh sorry, too much erotic fiction reading going on - yes I've read Fifty Shades - all 3 of them, and now I've read Bared to You by Sylvia Day - a much better book in my opinion but I digress)

Back to the card

the digi was by the very talented Emma Canning, who now designs for Polka Doodles.  I will be perfectly honest and say it would not have been my choice of digi if I could have chosen any of hers to use, but it was lovely to colour.  The other designs in the series are even lovlier.

And now, back to the August Challenge.   This is to post at least 3 cards to your blog during the month of August.  I will go back to check whether they can be any cards or PD specific.   But now I've come back this blogging malarky they'll be no stopping me.

I can tell you about all sorts of exciting stuff.   Betcha can't wait eh??????

Later folks

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  1. Beautifully coloured image and love your card layout. Have now become a follower after seeing your link on the Polka doodles FB page.


    ps: not a lover of the "50 shades" books either. Didn't think they were written that well .....


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