Saturday, 11 August 2012

And sleep ..............

Evening folks

I've worked stupid hours for the past month or so.   I took a couple of days off in the  middle of July, 11th - 13th, which were not as restful as originally hoped for as they involved a hospital appointment  (where apparently he is doubting his fibromyalgia/CFS diagnosis and has given me vitamin D supplements for said vitamin deficiency), my son's graduation (which involved a 5.00am start and a day, including 2 hour journey there and back, in the company of my ex-husband), and a visit from the gas man.

Since then I've worked nearly every day, having had 2 Sundays off, and then, after 14 days without a break, last Monday off.  The weekends were worked voluntarily, as overtime, but doesn't mean I'm not absolutely ker-nackered.   So I made the decision to not work this weekend and I also have Monday off next week.

And today I slept until about 8, got up, fed the cats, went back to bed and read my book for about 15 mins, went back to sleep until about 11.30.  Got up, lay on the sofa for a while.  Finished my book, watched the Olympics for a while, then the football came on, so I went back upstairs to get dressed.  Lay down on the bed for 5 minutes and got back up again about 3 hours later.

Maybe I was tired.

Off to watch the diving now - Good luck Tom

Later folks

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