Thursday, 22 March 2012

cut it up and stick it back together

No, I'm not talking about patchwork, but another quick card I've done.   I'm trying to do at least one a night and a couple every weekend because my friend is doing a Cakes for Parkinsons event, (her dad has it) and asked me if I'd do some cards.  So I said yes, and then remembered my Gran had Parkinsons as well. 

So here is tonight's effort.   For those of you who are fans of Nikky Hall and Polkadoodles, you may not immediately recognise her style but if you are a member of her newish Facebook group Polka Doodle Dandies, she has had a couple of free challenges.    So this is one of her images, coloured in with the new Promarker Limited Edition Spring pens, cut up and then stuck together again, in a completely different way.

Later folks

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A poppet of a challenge

Good evening
Not a great deal accomplished today, but that's ok, there's always another day.  I did have a bit of a play with my newest craft CD - Paintbox Poppets from Crafters Companion - if you take a look on my sidebar >>>>>> there should be a blinkie linking to their UK blog - there is also a US blog which you can find via the UK one.

I deliberately chose to get a bit more familiar with this CD, partly because it is very lovely and partly because I wanted to do something for the weekly CD Sunday Challenge blog which this week is "spots and dots"

I haven't got to the point where I'm comfortable using lots of embellishments, and whilsts I love doing a complicated bit of paper engineering, at the moment, my engineering mojo is missing.  But it will be back.   Until that time I need to keep my crafting mojo afloat.

So here's a simple little card using one sheet of images from the card companion section so actually really cheap to make.

And as mentioned above - I'd like to enter it in the Spots and Dots Challenge over at The CD Sunday Challege

Later folks

More selling and a Paintbox Poppet card

Afternoon all
This time I'm selling The Cinch binding tool, Craft Artist Platinum and MCS Setting the Scene CD.   Nothing wrong with any of them. I bought the Cinch as an impulse buy thinking it would be very useful for all that scrapbooking and stuff I was going to do.  No doubt if I'd ever done it then it would have been worth it's weight in gold.  But you know how it goes, I didn't do it.  
If you are interested go here

And then there is this  which is the Craft Artist Platinum bundle and not forgetting the final item of this little selection which can be found here

Excuse my blatent advertising but if you don't know about it then you can't ignore it.

And one of the reasons I need money is so I can buy more new crafting goodies.  My latest purchase was the Paintbox Poppets CD and stamps and decoupage from Crafters Companion featuring artwork from the very talented Christine Haworth.

And here's a card I made with just a teeny tiny selection from this range

I can feel a bit more creativity coming on.

later folks

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Made 2 cards -updated

I've added a name to the Tatty Teddy card so here is the finished version.   Aunty Sarah was delighted, she's not my Aunty Sarah, she's Aunty to the intended recipient of the card, so I hope the 1 year old Daisy will be fully appreciative.

And I think it looks more "finished" now

Later folks

Sunday, 11 March 2012

made 2 cards

It seems to have been a little while since I've made any cards for anybody specific, and this weekend I've made 2.  I have another 2 to make, but one can be done in the early part of the week (needed for Wednesday) and the other is my mother's day card. For my mother that is, not my own.

The top two are the same card - made using the Tatty Teddy CD and the Ribbons and Rosettes Cricut Cartridge.    If memory serves me correctly I think the Sunday CD challenge this week is "from me to you" and so I would like to enter this card for that challenge

The bottom card is made for a friends 40th birthday.  I have made if for her team in work to give to her.  I will make a different one from me.

That's it for now folks


Sunday, 4 March 2012

SOLD and still selling Cricut

Evening folks - another quickie from me tonight, well fairly quick

I have sold the Big Shot (possibly to "Amanda" who queried it on a previous blog post, as the winner is indeed called Amanda).  I have also sold 3 copies of Craft Artist Professional.   I am thinking of putting Craft Artist Platinum up (which has a copy of professional included along with another 3 programmes), but have to find the letter that came with it providing the product key,  and also Complete Arts and Crafts Creativity Suite - also by Serif, which includes 5 programmes, including Digital Scrapbook Artist and PhotoPlus.

The Cricut didn't sell so I've now put it on as a Buy it Now for 30 days.  If at the end of that time it hasn't sold, then I will use it for cutting fabric, which was my original intention, but thought that having 2 Cricut machines, both the same size, was not really something I could justify doing if I could sell one. 

And I've been having a bit of a play with my new Cricut and my brand spanking new Flower Shoppe cartridge.   And as soon as I've sorted out my new laptop I will upload some photos for you to have a look at. But until then, have a gaze in wonderment (and amusement) at the following YouTube video of some folks using the self same cartridge

Later folks

Some stuff about the stuff in the blog


Very new at this blogging lark, so forgive me if I get a bit befuddled. User name is derived from my maiden name of George and the fact that by the time the Olympics are held in the UK in 2012, I will look as if I could compete. And not as a sumo wrestler.

For starters there is only one blog with contain my thoughts, but this might evolve into 3 or 4 when I work out what I'm doing.

In the main it will cover my slimming journey, my quilting exploits, my get fit and stay fit campaign, and my photography. Not forgetting my recent TrollBead obsession.

Should I ever get a lovelife you might get glimpses of that as well.