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This is where I will post the useful, I find very useful from my research, much of which will have come from the Cricut Community pages

George and Basic Shapes
Lyrical Letters
Ultimate Creative Series Sampler

So going to Mycutsearch and typing in hexagon you get the following result How fab is that? so if my finances only stretch to one cartridge, I can now choose from the ones which have my hexagon and by looking at the other images on the cartridge I can see which will work out most useful. And I can see more infomation about all cartridges in the library

From Scrapalette
Here is some good info on cutting fabric with your Cricut:

from http://www.youhadmeatcra...self-mondays-guest.html

(1) Step one always use a mat for just fabric...take the time and use a marker and print on the top of the mat cover (FABRIC).

(2) Step two… Using an interfacing or bonding product...PELLON 800 FUSEABLE WEB. This product is amazing there's no other word for takes a little more time to use but the results are the best.

It can be found at JoAnn's fabric store and it has to be cut so you buy it by the yard.

(3) Third step...start cutting your fabric to the size of the mat you will be using....then cut your Pellon to that size also....follow with ironing your fabric to get wrinkles out.... then apply Pellon to the back of fabric, the
Pellon has a bumpy side and that side will be on the back of fabric. Turn both the fabric and Pellon over and iron the fabric top...DO NOT iron the Pellon side you will have a mess on your iron trust me on that one.

(4) Step four ...applying your fabric to the mat.......make sure its on will see some wrinkles, dont get upset they wont show on the fabric after its cut.

(5) Step Five...setting your Cricut up for the cut......PRESSURE is MAX.....Speed is Multi Cut...and then of course your size...blade set at 5...and now you're ready to CUT.

(6) Step Six...remove your fabric and slowly peel away from mat using your spatula...being careful as you now have to remove the paper backing.

(7) Step you have a choice to either sew on to your project or just iron it on.

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