Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A leak

On Saturday evening, just before I went to bed I discovered a puddle of water in the utility room.  So I went to bed and left it there.  Sunday morning whenI got up I thought perhaps I should investigate.  The puddle was just in front of the tumble dryer so I figured the plastic container that containds the condensed water, for it is indeed a condenser dryer that I have, was the culprit.     So I pulled out the tumble dryer, pulled up all the floor tiles under it and just in front of it so that I could mop up the water and dry out the floor.   Decided, just to be, on the safe side that I should also dry out the floor under the washing machine and it's just as well I did,  for, lo and behold it was not the condenser container that was at fault.  It was the inlet connection between the mains and the washing machine.   So it was time to practise my plumbing skills.  Ok, so they extend to tightening stuff up, but it worked

Here is the after picture

And, here's a commissioned card for a friend's mum who is into rock and roll

Images are, once again from MCS Fab Glam 50s CD, with the record being printed twice onto photo card, cut out and glued together back to back, there is a brad through the middle and it does revolve.   Lady is printed onto card and coloured in with promarkers.

Hopefully I'll be back again by the weekend

later xxx

Some stuff about the stuff in the blog


Very new at this blogging lark, so forgive me if I get a bit befuddled. User name is derived from my maiden name of George and the fact that by the time the Olympics are held in the UK in 2012, I will look as if I could compete. And not as a sumo wrestler.

For starters there is only one blog with contain my thoughts, but this might evolve into 3 or 4 when I work out what I'm doing.

In the main it will cover my slimming journey, my quilting exploits, my get fit and stay fit campaign, and my photography. Not forgetting my recent TrollBead obsession.

Should I ever get a lovelife you might get glimpses of that as well.