Friday, 28 January 2011

The weekend again

Been a bit of an odd week.  As I may have mentioned before, the organisation I work for is currently undergoing consultation for closure.  The 90 days has been and gone and been extended by another 2 months.   So we still don't know what's happening.  When I went into work on Tuesday I discovered there has been a Voluntary Exit Scheme announced.  Those who apply and are accepted will be gone by the end of April.  So most of the week has been taken up with people discussing it.   And of course, more meetings.  I have pretty much decided not to apply, and will stay for a little while longer.   And in the meantime I will practise my craftiness

Earlier this week, I bought some Derwent Academy watercolour pencils which were on offer (£7.49 for 24) and also a little canvas on an easel.   I was having a bit of a practice and created a little masterpiece, well it would be if I was a 5 year old.   But I quite like it and it's currently sat on top of my TV.

I am still waiting for ink for my printer, and whilst I've been waiting I've been exploring my various MCS CDs.  I am very excited about making cards using them.   I also have Beatrix Potter CDs, which don't have the same level of designability within the CD, but the images are lovely and I can imagine making lots with them as well.  

I did have an image I printed with the new printer, but given that the red ink wasn't working it didn't quite come out as  planned (baby pink) it's a funny yellowy colour.  One of the images I printed was just a teddy outline so I changed my planned design and made something else.   Results below.

I am very pleased with the result, although my silicon glue patience has yet to reach the required level.   The scalloped edge pink and green is part of a scrapbook paper from a christmassy pack bought from QVC, as are the chipboard letters spelling "baby" and thee 2 little snowflake/flowers.  Washing line made with a wooden skewer cut in half and some yarn.  Pink peg from a selection at The Works, and ladybird backing papers from a selection that came with a free with a Scrapbook magazine about a year ago.

I had great fun making it, and the people who have seen it were very impressed.

Hope you like it.

Hopefully some more tomorrow


  1. Hello....Your card is gorgeous and I assume it is for Baby k ;o)....I love your ideas and am jealous of your creativity!

    I heard about the VER being offered again....the atmosphere must be weird, my emotions were up and down when I went for it and I was certain of what I was doing so God help you that are still there and will have this thrown at them several times over the next few are all in my thoughts and prayers xx

    I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations over the weekend!!

    Have a good weekend


  2. very cute, my printer won't do blue so it's virtuallt useless!

  3. Lovely card, love the colours, so bright


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