Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sleeping patterns

My sleeping pattern is really not very good at the moment. I'm awake half the night and then when I do get to sleep I can't get up in the morning. But today I made myself get up about 8.00 am and despite being really really tired, I managed to get though the day without sleeping partly prompted by the fact that I wanted to try and make a card similar to one they demonstrated on Create and Craft yesterday. It was really simple but very effective, although it did use a technique I had not used before.

But before I could do this, I decided I had to tidy the living room, or at least make a big indent into it. I have bought a few storage boxes with the intention of storing my craft stuff tidily. And I don't just have card stuff, I have knitting stuff, sewing stuff, quilting stuff, photography stuff, and about a squillion books relating to all of the above. But I've made a start, which is just as well because I somehow managed to order a Xyron Design Runner - it's like a little portable printer gadget that will print onto all sorts of materials - including ribbon.

Anyway here's the living room from 2 angles - the tidy end, and the not quite so tidy end.

And here's the card I then allowed myself to make. The new technique (for me) is using a mask - if you've not done this it's quite straightforward, you stamp your image onto the cardstock, then stamp it again on a post-it note or similar. Then, you cut out the image (in this case the houses) on the post-it, and place it over the image on the card. For this card, this was necessary so that I could flood the card with colour without it affecting the main image.

I am rather pleased with the result, and, in fact, my eldest son couldn't believe I'd done it. He thought I'd printed it out, and I said no, I stamped it and coloured it. "What with?" he said - "The promarkers you bought me for Christmas, that's why I wanted them" He thought, when he bought them they were a lame gift, now I think he's rather impressed with his old mum.

See you soon xxxxx


  1. Ooh I like that! Is that the Kanban stamps set? I'm about to use that for a New Home card for someone.

  2. You have inspired me to start making some cards!!!! and try to tidy up as well!!!! Well done you!!! xxx

  3. Well done on staying awake today - I've ended up crawling to bed for an hour cos I was so shattered. My sleep patterns are appalling too!

    Fab card, love the stamp you've used. x

  4. Lovely card, I've never tried that technique. I'm another who never knows when to go to bed then can't function the next morning! Well Done on staying awake.

  5. Thank you for your comments - yes, FF - it is a Kanban stamp from the handbag set from QVC. I have used it before on a card that's posted earlier in the blog.

  6. Great card, I love the image and the colouring


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