Sunday, 23 January 2011

My craft studio

No, not "my" craft studio, because the place where I do my crafting tends to be all over the living room floor.  It starts of a bit neater, but I usually end up on the floor.  I'm actually referring to the CDs sold under the name of My Craft Studio.  In my last post I said I might have become a CD crafting convert, and I think there is no longer any doubt about it.  I've made another couple of cards using background papers printed from the CDs, and I have printed out bits to make a dinosaur card.  But, much as I want to do it tonight, I think I should really go to bed.

My friend "Nelli-Lou" nominated me for some blogging award, and as my "prize" I get to tell you 15 things about myself (it might not be 15, it could be 7, or perhaps 10, but it's certainly some things) and award the prize to another pile of blogs.   But I haven't had the chance to do much about it, but by all means go and read hers.  She's got a lovely husband apparently who keeps buying her flowers!!!!  It's the blog called "My Life Diet"

I'll write some more tomorrow, but for now I'll leave you with the cards

The outside of the card is one of the donated digi-stamps via I coloured him in with promarkers, and then added a bit of a background.  The "shrubbery" to the right of the card, was a bit of a accident which turned out quite well, after a bit of a rescue attempt.  I was trying to do the distressed edge thing, but I went a bit mad and ended up with a "splodge" on the edge.  So I turned it into a bush (of sorts).   Matted it on some dark brown and then gold.  The background paper was one from MCS.
The inside of the card, I used an insert from MCS, then added a couple of the images from a different disc.    Unfortunately, due to all this usage, the ink in my printer is now very low, and like it does the ink starts to separate on the printed image.  So on this, there was a faint pink outline, so I got out a promarker and drew over it.   It's the first time I've put an insert in, and it did go a bit squished at the bottom, but you can't see that.
I also made another card, but this time I printed the background on to a small piece of watercolour card, then added some of the toppers from one of the current cardmaking magazines. There is no insert in this one.
I have spent nearly all my earnings from last weekend's ebay success on crafting CDs (also from ebay) but was tempted by the Beatrix Potter stuff on Create and Craft yesterday.
Frugality for January is no more.


  1. Love the japanese inspired card,
    thanks for comenting on my altered book,it took me ages before I found a book I didnt mind tearing pages out.
    This one was an old school text book,not wery interesting ,lol.

  2. Lovely cards, The japenese person is very cute

  3. Two lovely cards and nice to read of your new enthusiasm for CD crafting. I had those Japanese toppers and have mislaid them already... must effect a tidy-up of craft room.


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