Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Blue Monday

The experts reckon that today is the worst day of the year.   So if today is as bad as it gets, the rest of the year should be quite fabulous.   I did knock my small tub of buttons and little sparkly gems over though.  And discovered my library books were a week overdue, so owe a fine of £9.20.   So I renewed them online. 

Over the weekend I sold all of my ebay items and have spent most of my winnings on craft stuff.  Having always said I didn't particularly like CD crafting, I explored the "My Craft Studio" CD I had, just for the cost of postage with Making Cards magazine in November or December, can't remember which.   Then I found the website (  and found FREE downloads to add into the CD I had.   Well, the word FREE, just sums it up.  I had to download them and then had a bit of a play.   I was rather impressed with some of the stuff, and so printed out a couple of bits last night whilst watching some TV (probably the recorded episode of Larkrise)

And then, having a bit more of a think, and a bit of an explore round ebay - as you do, I found quite a few CDs, and so put in a couple of bids - so far I've won 2 with bids on another 2.    IT'S AN INVESTMENT!!!!!!!

Anyway, here's the card I made with the printed out bits.



  1. Lovely card, love the colour and the papers are lovely

  2. Love the butterflies! Were they off the CD? x

  3. Well Done you...I have nominated you for an award young Lady!! You will have to read my post on it and then you have to follow what I did!! xx

  4. Hi Lisa - if you have a "My Craft Studio" CD, you can get free downloads from their website - the butterflies, the background, the "fairy" and the sentiment were all from the Nancy Watt download which apparently co-ordinate with some "fancy folding" CD/DVD. I would say it's worth getting one from ebay for a couple of quid so that you can get them.

    And Miss nellilou, what have you gone and done now?????

    And thank you to Addams for your comments as well.

  5. Beautiful card! Love the blues x

  6. What a lovely card and I have quite a few CD's too. Very handy!

  7. Gorgeous card especially the butterflies.

  8. Lovely card. The fairy is really pretty. LOL at your CD "investments" - hey when you think how much you would spend on all those different papers... Jaqui x


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