Friday, 14 January 2011

1 month til valentines........

I am half expencting a card from the man who has sent me a Valentine's card for the past 3 years.  Unfortunately I somehow managed to get myself into a bit of a pickle and fell for a man I should never have fallen for.  So after struggling with my emotions and my conscience, and my common sense for almost all that time I finally called it all off just before Christmas.  It's really amazing the amount of stuff some of us women (and probably a fair few men) let themselves believe, when they have little self confidence, low self esteem and just want to be loved.  But fortunately, for most of us, eventually common sense kicks in, the sense of self esteem returns and the strength comes from somewhere to scramble back to the path of straight and narrow - ok, so it might not be so much "fun" at times, and it might hurt like hell for a while, but if you know deep within yourself that you've done the right thing, then it will all work out for the best.   Sometimes you have to close a door before a window opens.  

And talking of doors and windows and all that kind of thing, with thinly veiled references to opportunities, I went to a meeting in work today about the consultation period around closure of our office.   The 90 day period is up next week, and most of us expected to know something definite later that week.   But no, then there has to be various to-ing and fro-ing betweeen people and so we are unlikely to hear anything before early March - so that will be a lovely birthday present for me!!!!! (8th just in case anybody wants to buy me gifts)

So I came home, was tired, considered going to bed, but somehow discovered I was colouring in at about 11.30, and then i couldn't just leave it, so then I had to make a card.   The stamp is one of the digi stamps from the "Help for Katie" collection, and the background papers are free dowloads from a site I was led to from lili of the valley.

There is a flower card challenge on the MSE Making Cards thread, and I would like to enter this card for that.

More tomorrow, or maybe even later today - I'll try get round some blogs and do the commenting thing over the weekend



  1. What a fab card, love the bright colours you have used. Thanks for entering my challenge on MSE.

  2. What a pretty flower and colours you've used.

  3. Such a pretty card, I love the colours x

  4. Georgie that's a great card. Isn't it amazing how therapeutic colouring can be. Hope your self esteem is on its way back and things work out the way you want. Hope your job sorts itself too. Hugs. Jaqui x


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