Friday, 7 January 2011

She sewed so she can play

Today I made a waistcoat for my friend's daughter's dance show.  The fabric was given to me, ready cut out, however I think part of the instructions were missing as there was no guidance on finishing off the armholes.  Apparently there are no sleeves to be inserted, so I've left it unfinished for now.

And now, having done that, it means I get to play with my new toys.  I might be back later with some of the results

My next "investment" might have to be some ribbon.........

Oh sorry, I forgot - I MUST BE FRUGAL

Back in a bit xxxx


  1. Thats a great stash of stamps,love the flowery ones

  2. Nice stash ;) Look forward to seeing what you make. x

  3. Jealous....I assume your sissix order came!!! Well done on the waistcoat...had a sneak preview on FB!!!! xxx


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