Monday, 10 January 2011

First day back

Today was my first day back in work this year, and boy do I feel it now.  I am so tired, so won't be here for long just a couple of things to say, but due to the tiredness, they might be a bit disjointed.

Tonight was my last day of my prepaid 12 week Slimming World countdown.   And I put on a 1lb.  Which doesn't sound too bad until you realised that in the last 12 weeks I've lost a grand total of 2.5lb.  that 40 ounces - sounds so much better like that.  So I have decided, that I will not go anymore, and the £5 a week I would pay, I will save.   I am not doing very well at the whole meal planning thing, the "diary/planner" I made at the beginning of the year has not had very many entries but I've hardly bought any food., so my frugality is doing fairly well.   Except for craft things but more of that later

This time next week the organisation I work for will have come to the end of the 90 day consultation on whether to close the regional office where I work.  If so, then sometime in the next 12 months I will, no longer be working for the company I signed a 3 month contract for in 1994.

It's just as well I've gone back to work, because I only get myself into trouble when I'm at home.  I have had Create and Craft on in the background most of last week, and I am very much afraid that I have on a couple of occasions, succumbed to the sales patte and "invested" in craft materials.

And then tonight, I was looking at my Facebook page and noticd that Maurie J Manning (Mo Manning) had posted a new stamp called "Sprout".  Now I have a bit of a soft spot for Mo Manning designes, so I had to go and investigate.  Turns out there is a crafter out there who's name I forget, who has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer.   Some of her friends in the crafting community have donated their artwork to raise funds for her and her family.  So, not only loving "Sprout" I was rather taken with some of the others as well, particularly the sewing ones, the fishing one, the flower one, the shoe one and the dove, not to mention the cooking on, and the loveseat and the 3 little boys with a loveheart, in fact, most of them, decided I needed to contribute (£15 for all the downloads)  - these can be acquired from Jak Heath, (the crafter's name is Katie)

I have already printed out Sprout, but haven't done anything with it  yet, but I did make a couple of cards over the weekend with some of my other stuff - still haven't played with the new sizzix stuff.

The 2 cards above were made using La Blanche stamps purchased from QVC on their craft sale day

This card ^^^^ is made using the freebie Mo Mannning stamp that was available on her FB page at the beginning of the year - "friend" cut out from "Let's Make Cards"

And this one, just about sums m up at present - the pic was downloaded from -peel offs also from QVC sale (along with 4 brass embossing templatese)

But on the plus side - I didn't buy the magazine with the free Mollly Bloom stamps on - ah well there's always tomorrow.  Speaking of which I said I'd be in early, so best get going



  1. Fab cards. I love the top two. x

  2. Lush cards as normal!!!!! Maybe we could both weigh once a week and put the money in a jar for next Christmas...on the job front....Look at me...I'm doin a job I enjoy, less money but I enjoy it and although I took the leap last year when we didn't know that the office was going to shut it worked itself out in the end...I know in my heart that you will be ok, funnily I went there in 1990 as a casual and thought I wouldn't be going back there and ended up there for 20 years...You will be great in whatever is ahead of you!!!

    Nat xxxxxx

  3. I like all of them but the third is my favourite. I used the bear digi too, the card is on my blog.

  4. I love the first two, those corner stamps are great and Mo's image is brilliant and looks great in green. The bear's dead cute too.

  5. Great cards. I love the first two stamps, they are gorgeous

  6. Great cards. I clicked on the link from Jak's website and although I haven't came across Katie's page before I felt so sorry for her after reading her story. I hope her treatment works for her - such a shame. Jaqui x


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