Monday, 3 January 2011

It's only 2.5% Mum....

This was said by my sons when they came home today to a hallway full of toilet rolls. And in order that they could get further than the hallway, said toilet rolls are now residing in my living room (in the space recently vacated by the Christmas tree) till I find them a proper home. I just thought that I would take advantage of the fact that the VAT has not yet been increased and get a few supplies in. And I still have till midnight to order more. . . . . . . .

On a totally different subject, although paper is involved, so a very tenuous link, I made another card last night. I have been pointed in the direction of a very talented designer who is generous enough to occasionally offer her designs for free, to followers of her Facebook page. Her name is Maurie J Manning, and I took advantage of this. She does have a blog, which I'm pretty sure is one that I follow, but, not sure if it shows on my blog. I need to work out how to add those button things that are at the side of most blogs. More information about Mo's designs can be found here

And here's the card

I printed the image onto a piece of plain white card, along with the sentiment (also provided by Mo) which says "If we are ever to enjoy life now is the time, not tomorrow or next year. Today should always be our most wonderful day - Thomas Dreir" I then coloured it in with a slection of ProMarkers, used a wavy blade to cut it, and the sentiment out. I used Tim Holtz distressed inks to shade them, along with the plain white card on which they are mounted (card from QVC). I then added 2 felt flowers and a crystal. I am happy with the concept and the overall result, but the distressed ink technique need a bit of work, because it's too "dabby" despite my attemps at circular movements.

See you soon folks.....

PS - Can't remember if I said who provided the image for the Engagement card. I will check and if I omitted them, I shall provide them next time I post.


  1. Once again another lovely card!!! Nice one!!!! And go you on the loo roll front!!!! I always bulk buy my washing up liquid and washing powder when there is a good offer on and as my nana says "they won't eat or drink" so keep on with the bulk buying!!!

  2. Wow that's one hell of a stock pile! I know where to come if we run out of anything ;-) Your card is beautiful, the image is so cute xxx

  3. Great card, it looks fantastic. Bulk buying is one of my downfalls too!

  4. What a fabby card, I love Mo's images too

  5. Love the card but giggled loudly at your stocking up - priceless. Jaqui x


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