Thursday, 6 January 2011

Button Success

I've managed to add a button to the side of my blog. This is how I did it
I saved the button I had copied from another blog to my computer.  I then uploaded it to photobucket (apparently it works with other photo hosting websites such as flickr, but I've not tried that)

When you look at the photo in photobucket hover the mouse over the picture and you should get a range of options, one of which is "share".    Select share and the option "post to website".   The third tab along is "get link code"   This is the one you want.

Then select "HTML for websites and blogs" and the option "clickable thumbnail.  Highlight the code in the box - it is a long code - and then copy it.

Final step is to return to your blog design page, add a gadget, and choose the one which says "HTML code"   paste the complete code in, and save. 

Hopefully that should work for you.

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Some stuff about the stuff in the blog


Very new at this blogging lark, so forgive me if I get a bit befuddled. User name is derived from my maiden name of George and the fact that by the time the Olympics are held in the UK in 2012, I will look as if I could compete. And not as a sumo wrestler.

For starters there is only one blog with contain my thoughts, but this might evolve into 3 or 4 when I work out what I'm doing.

In the main it will cover my slimming journey, my quilting exploits, my get fit and stay fit campaign, and my photography. Not forgetting my recent TrollBead obsession.

Should I ever get a lovelife you might get glimpses of that as well.