Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Good evening - turns out I didn't make it to work early today, but am hoping for better things tomorrow. 

Tonight, I roasted a chicken from my local butcher who is award winning,  And I have just discovered that they have an online facility - the last time I looked it was just a picture of the front of the shop, admittedly that was a long time ago, so here you are  It is a very scrummy chicken, and I've stripped it of as much meat as I can, and left the carcass in the microwave (so the cat doesn't attack it) to cool down, then tomorrow, for the first time ever I will attempt to make stock or soup or something with it.

And because I want chicken sandwiches for work tomorrow I had to make bread as well.

You might wonder where Sprouts come into this  - well yes, I am partial to sprouts, although many people do not understand my liking for them but it's not that kind of sprouts.   The sprout in question is the Mo Manning digi stamp I mentioned yesterday.  I have new "super smooth" paper from Create and Craft and printed off 2 images  coloured them in with Promarkers, then not really sure what to do with them, just matted and layered them with coloured card which was the offer of the week from Lidl, so if they have any left I can highly recommend it, and some "linen" silver and gold card, also from C&C

Suppose you want to see pictures now - both these cards are going to be used for birthdays tomorrow  I did also us small stamps on the edge of the flower pot.

That's all folks



  1. They are gorgeous...yet again! and Hark at you making stock.......and bread.....You are putting me to shame young lady!!!

  2. what lovely cards, and I too like HM bread and chicken soup

  3. Lovely cards. Hope the stock work out ok!

  4. What beautiful cards and I love Mo Manning too.

  5. Awww cuuuuute!! Mmmmm Bread and chicken soup - YUMMM!!! Roast chicken YUMMM!!! You're wrecking my diet LOL. Jaqui x


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