Tuesday, 26 April 2011

looking for a cable

I eventually finished the first side of the fence but didn't have the SD card in my camera and can't find the cable to upload from camera.

So instead have a picture of some shoes that I don't think I'll ever wear again given the way I'm aching right now.

I bought them quite a while ago after a friend told me she had seen the most fabulous shoes in a charity shop, but they were too big for her.   So I went and bought them.

It's later - I've brought the laptop to my bed in the likely eventuality  I can't get out of it tomorrow.

Photographic evidence of fence

Firstly - approx 6.45pm - I had been taking regular breaks because I'm not full of beans, and can't keep going from start to finish (certainly not when it comes to painting a fence anyways) and had been told, by a FB friend that I had to stop slacking off and finish it.   So this is what it was like at that point.

And then, shortly after 8.30 when i had finished it - although truth be told, I will have to do a bit more if I'm to finish this side properly - as you can see it's not a fence made up of fence panels, it's made up of planks of wood - at the last count 217 still standing (should be about 225) and really the sides of each plank should be painted.  However I was running out of paint in the tub I was using, so on the last few planks I didn't even attempt to do the sides.

I know I still need to go back to my post of this morning and complete the details about the card, but there's always tomorrow.

Later folks


  1. Thats a big fence,glad it was you not

  2. Phew!! Great work! Bet your arms are aching!! Jaqui x

  3. Hi Georgiegirl, used to love that song lol. Thanks for popping by my blog. I've become your followers make up for the one you lost lol. If you'd like more followers Momo is having a links party for people who have less than 200 followers...there is no commitment on how many you visit or how long it takes you to get round to people. Hugs lin


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