Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Busy Busy Busy

A quick, earlyish morning post before I go and paint the fence

A card - will add details later but would like to enter into the latest MSE challenge which is based on a sketch

The fence - including the hole I had to climb through, firstly to take the picture, and will have to climb through again to paint it.

Back with the after photo later xxx


  1. I like your card - especially the pretty frock. The thought of painting all that fence fills me with dread as it's chilly here today - do you have to do the full length?

  2. Lovely card. I'm with Marg - the dress is so pretty. EEK! Don't envy your painting - although please post a pic of it finished. Jaqui x

  3. Such a pretty card! Hope you got on ok with the fence x

  4. I like the card you created, the color is bright and beautiful,,

  5. Lovely card, love the dress and the colour


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