Friday, 22 April 2011

Flown by

Yet another week has disappeared when I don't seem to have acoomplished anything much.  Now I know that's not true because I completed, and submitted, my Key Skills section for my Customer Services level 3 NVQ.  And not only that, I had an e-mail from my assessor telling me I had achieved.  I completed 4 staff reports and transferred the details from another 6 into a new format.   I also went to the show for the dance school  I did the costumes for.   It was very good, but given I started work just after 7.30 in the morning and didn't go back home until 11.00pm at night I was extremely tired by the time I got back.    And then I received a text from my eldest asking if I was coming home.  So I replied to say "I am home and I've put the bin out and the recycling boxes and I've made a cup of tea and I'm about to go to bed"

So this morning - Good Friday - I had every intention of spending half the morning in bed.  Unfortunately I was wide awake before 8.00 am so I got up, took my book downstairs and turned on the TV.  Which, somehow managed to turn itself onto Create and Craft.   I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up again just after 12.00. Been all out of sorts since I woke up, and I'm not convinced buying 9 CDs and a cardmaking kit made me feel any better.

But I did get a bit inspired and made a card.

For this I used one of my many (soon to be increased by 9) MCS CDs.   The background and the topper are the same picture, but the background on is smaller and tiled.

And given that I also made a little union flag, using the picture from a free Rowan scarf pattern so I supposed I haven't been as unproductive as I thought.

It's going to be a pincushion

I've got 11 days off now, so hopefully will get lots dones




  1. Hope you enjoy your days off. Love the card. Jaqui x

  2. Gorgeous makes, love the knitted flag, so clever x


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