Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sparky pants

Doing sewing for a pal who's daughters are in a dance show - these are sparkly pants, along with a skirt and a waistcoat.  I've also done a white waistcoat and a pink lycra outfit, but I forgot to take photos of them

I did not sew on the sequins.

I've got sleeves to finish to go with the skirt, then sew them into a leotard.  And I think, 2 more tops.



  1. Gosh how clever! I can barely thread the machine to turn up Jeans!

  2. Wow - you have been busy and still going strong. Fab makes BTW.

  3. I like the little skirt, I am just about to attempt making some clothes for my Granddaugther and was thinking of doing a similar style of skirt.


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