Monday, 28 March 2011

A little bit of knitting

Hey folks
Over the past week or so I've done a bit of knitting.   I have watched a bit of Create and Craft (channel 671 on Sky in the UK).  Can also watch online on  On this craft channel, not only do they do lots of papercrafty stuff, they also do other things, one of which is knitting.  I was particularly taken with some products made using the yarn Flamenco.  This yarn is a bit like a fishnet ribbon type yarn, and you knit into the holes,but was a little put off by the price, so hadn't ordered anything.    Then 2 of my work colleagues came in one lunchtime both having bought this "fancy" yarn.  The next day, one of them came in wearing a scarf she'd made with it.   I don't think it was the same yarn, but it gave a very similar effect.   She told me she bought it "in the market" but she'd paid £10 for the ball, and it was only £8 in Cwmbran (which is where I live).   Which actually made the price on C&C seem quite reasonable, because it was 3 balls, the pattern and the knitting needles for about £24.

So then I went shopping, I went "to the market" to the only stall that I know sells wool/yarn.  And they had the exact same yarn in there that is on the telly, and it was £3.50 per 50g ball.   So I bought 2 balls of citrus green in Flamenco "floating"   This is yarn which changes colour from one end of the strand to the other.   The other type is Flamenco "twin" which is a different colour on each side of the yarn.    It would be so much easier to explain if I'd had the sense to take a photo of the yarn itself.    I'm still in the middle of knitting the citrus scarf, but went back the following day and bought a corally colour to make a flower or two.

So here's the pic of the flower, and the mini scarf I made.  I did make another flower, but gave that to a friend.    Not bad for one £3.50 ball of yarn.

Might get pics of sparkly pants tomorrow



  1. Simply stunning. Love the colour. x

  2. How delicate and pretty. and my football team colour too!

  3. What a pretty scarf and rose. Clever you.


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