Monday, 7 March 2011

50th birthday

It's been a very strange day - last night I didn't get to sleep until at least 3.30, was up again by 9.00 am and am well in to at least my 3rd wind of the day - I haven't had a sleep and am strangely very wide awake again, but will shortly force myself to go to bed.  I have been quite busy today, so maybe that's why - I shouldn't slob around all day - if I do stuff, I get so much more done.  Funny that eh?

It's my friend's 50th birthday today and although I did finish her card yesterday, and I have sent it to her via picture text message.   She hasn't actually said whether she received it or, indeed her happy birthday text.  I have sent her wishes via facebook but didn't want to put the card on there until she's had it in person, which she won't do until Friday.

But I wanted to share, so, cyberchums I will share it with you.   It is another easel card which I rather like, but am still not convinced I have the card the right way round.  I was watching Create and Craft today and they had it a different way round.  But then as they said "there are no rules"

Apart from the verse which I found somewhere on the internet and adapted slightly it's all MCS Fab Glam Fifties.

That's all for now folks


  1. Lovely card - I'm sure your friend is going to love it. Also, Happy Birthday to you - have a fab day. x

  2. Oooh I like this card, the image is great and love the style of card. Bet your friend will love it.

    Happy Birthday to you too! Have a great day xx

  3. What a fabulous card and happy birthday to you!!!

  4. Great card, your friend is sure to love it. Hope you are having a very Happy Birthday. x

  5. Gorgeous card - the colours are very rich. Your friend will love it I'm sure.

    Birthday wishes for you too, hope you've had a lovely day!

  6. Gorgeous card as usual!!! I think I know who its for and she will love it xx

  7. Lovely card - love the 50s feel. Jaqui x

  8. Lovely card, I love those tilted easel cards


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