Sunday, 6 March 2011

Far too much stuff ...

in the dining room.   I was trying to have a bit of a tidy and came to the conclusion that I really don't need to buy any more quilting stuff before the next century.   Other, perhaps, that a bit of thread.  I think I have 4 full size quilts already layered up ready to quilt, half a dozen wall hangings, and a couple of cushion sized things.   Plus I have about 5 tops to finish.  I will try take some photos tomorrow.

So, as I'm sure you can understand, feeling I've done finished something is not a feeling I'm used to.   Nevertheless there are a couple of things I've done - yes - cards.

I now have the My Craft Studio 4CD/DVD encylopaedia of card and  papercraft templates, so using a teapot template I made a mother's day easel card - it hasn't turned out quite as elegantly as I would like, but as a first attempt at cutting out a teapot and teacup I'm fairly pleased with it. 

Also using this CD I've made a little plantpot holder.  Now, there is a reason for this - the girl I sit next to, and the lad I sit opposite were taste testing chillies last week, culminating in tears rolling down cheeks at the hotness.  I am too much of a wimp to take part in such a taste test, but as a result of the taste test, they decided that they should try and grow their own on the office windowsill, and invited me to take part.  So I thought, that in order to differentiate between pots, we should have our own holders.  So given that I don't know what size pots we will have this is a tester pot.

Finally - for now, using the the "little bit of folk" cd, i've made some russian dolls.  They are quite small, so I am thinking of adding them to a card, but haven't yet decided how to do it, but I imagine they will make another appearance in a future blog.

Either later tonight, or tomorrow I hope to make my friend's 50th birthday card.  And given that her birthday is tomorrow, I had best get a move on.

I would like to enter the top card in the MSE Mother's Day card challenge

Later folks



  1. lovely cards, the russian doll one is fantastic

  2. I love Russian dolls!!! and the Mother's day card is divine!! Well done you!!! xx

  3. Great cards, love the little pot. Thanks for joining the mse challenge


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