Monday, 30 May 2011

is awake.....

...... when really I should be fast asleep.  So I thought I'd make the most of my "awakeness" by posting some pics for what I've been up to over the past week or so, not so much of the talking though

So firstly - 2 knitted phone covers for the son (and his mate) of the friend that I knitted a phone cover that was similar to the one I knitted for myself (definite rambling going on here now)

And now for 2 wedding cards I made - both for the same person to choose between and she decided she wanted them both.

Th images on this on are taken from the My Craft Studio CDs - Alfie and Violet.  Violet has blonde hair, the bride to be dos not, so I printed out a NSR (no stamp required) image, coloured in the head, and stuck it on to the body.  did the same with Alfie.

The next one

This is using the Vintage Pearl card making kit from Hunky Dory - I don't tend to be a kit person, but I was sold on it purely for this card design.  It's a triple twisted circle easel card

And finally - the two members of the family who are doing what I should be

Don't they look comfy - and so they should be, they are both, as I type this, in very slightly different positions, but still sprawled over my bed

Night all


  1. awww too cute!! Loving the triple easel card! I seen dempnstrations of these on Create and Craft and was tempted but I'm not much of a kit person either. Will give them a go sometime though coz they are gorgeous!! The phone covers are kool too, nice warm cozy feel from them....ok time for bed for me too! lol

    Twinkle x

    if this works and lets me post its officially the first time its allowed me to do so in ages!

  2. beautiful cards, love those knitted covers

  3. Your cats look sooo comfy! Re knitting check out this link

  4. Great makes and you've obviously been busy in the wakeful hours. Your wedding cards are fab. Hope you can reclaim your bed from the two sleeping beauties - they look extremely comfortable. x

  5. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, This card is very nice, beautiful and creative,,


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