Sunday, 15 May 2011

Another busy Sunday

Fortunately I have next week off work, otherwise I would not be abl to have such a busy Sunday without suffering half the week.

I've been painting again, so whilst I'm sitting here watching Pirates of the Caribbean on the TV (can't beat a bit of Jack Sparrow) I thought I'd tell blogland all about it.

My pebeo paints arrived which meant I could have a proper go at Paint Fusion.
Pebeo paints are available from various stockists, but Sheena Douglass has put them together in sets of 5 which are sold as being suitable for paint fusion.  I have 3 of these sets now - neutrals, foliage, and simply sweet.    The paint I previously used was common old acrylic paints, in tubes, from The Works - this is much better for a beginner, but if you know what you are doing you'd get a decent result from whatever paint you used.

I, however, do not know what I'm doing so I'm very grateful I purchased the DVD telling me how to go about it all.

And this weekend I did 3 artistic creations with paint.

This is the first of the 3 - it went a bit wrong so I went a bit wild with the "Berries" stamp.   Ended up looking not too bad.

This one is the same leaves as above, but different colours - bit more successful on the leaves front

Finally - my favourite - the daisies.

Looking forward to tackling poppies, but have to do Sweet peas and the Rose set first - also got a butterfly, tulips, pansies and sunflower to be mastered over the next few weeks.

And, having been asked to do various knitting things for folks I've invested in an authentic knitting board along with a sock board.   If you've come here from MSE - I'm afraid I've let the side down - oops

Catch you later folks



  1. Oh wow What fantastic results, you've really mastered the daisies. The berries and blossom are great too. I love painting the daisies though my favourite at the moment. Dont worry about trying the poppies and others, Sheena gives great instruction on the dvd, just have fun. Be sure to pop by and let me know when you post some more pics.
    Hugs Sue x

  2. Your cards are fab. Did you do the flowers free hand or are they stamps?


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