Saturday, 25 February 2012

Such Wickedness - so selling Cricut and Bigshot

Grab a cuppa and a biscuit and settle down for a read about my bad behaviour

I am a wicked wicked woman who will never be able to darken the door of Martin's Money Saving website ever again.  Why? I hear you ask (or is that just the voices in my head)  Well, I've only gone and spent some money.  And not just "some" money - rather a lot of money in fact.

Firstly, after watching Mel Heaton on C&C  I dug out my Cricut and decided it was indeed rather fabulous, and after playing for a little while came to the conclusion that I wanted more functionality.  Now, I had a bit of a browse, and rather liked the look of the Cricut Expression which cuts up to size 12" x 24", as indeed does the Cricut Imagine, but having read various forums it seems there have been some issues with it.

And then there are all those other marvellous electronic cutting machines - the Sizzix eClips, the Silhouette Cameo, the Black cat machines, the Pazzles machines, the eCraft - so many choices, how does one possible decide?   My understanding of the above is that the majority of them have to be connected to a computer for them to work, but you do have the freedom of designing your own images or buying idividual images.   The eClips can be used with cartridges in a similar way to a cricut but can be used with eSCAL software as well.     It used to be the case that Cricut machines could be used with SCAL software, but for some reason Provocraft (manufacturers of Cricut and cuttlebugs to name but two) did not like this, so took legal action and the software is no longer available but, if one still has SCAL software it does work with some of the Cricut machines.

Now, I'm not entirely irresponsible, and thought that maybe shelling out hundreds of pounds for a fancy electronic machine might not be completely sensible, so eventually I decided to stick with the machine I had.

and then I changed my mind and ordered the Cricut Create, which produces the same size images as the original Cricut Personal electronic cutter but has the added functionality I wanted.   And it's arrived, and it's lovely and it's fabulous, so I am going to sell my original Cricut.   fortunately it's free listing weekend on ebay, so that's where it is.  LOOK HERE

And then yesterday lunchtime I went for a bit of a wander round town, and found that my local craft shop has some special offers on.  And one of them is for the Cricut Gypsy  (£99).  How dare they tempt me like that.   Fortunately I am strong, and I resisted temptation.  But not for long, I had a bit of a "chat" with a "friend" who agreed with me that it would be a crime to leave it there and given that it is my birthday in less that a fortnight then he would purchase it for me for my birthday.   BUT IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY FOR NEARLY A FORTNIGHT.    So I went back today with my credit card.

Just as well I'm selling my Sizzix Big Shot Express (a manual die cutter, but with a motor instead of a handle) Yes I'm putting a link to that as well HERE

I'll leave off telling you about the new laptop (QVC TSV) because I'm not sure you could cope with it. But what's a girl to do when it has free crafting software with it.

And the TV has died, but who's got time to watch TV when there's crafting to do.

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