Sunday, 2 October 2011

monday again tomorrow

Well, what have I done with myself this week.  Other than having some x-rays and being referred to the rheumatologst, not a great deal really.   I dd go to my pal's house this afternoon and we sat in the garden at 5.00pm on the 2nd October in our sunfrocks drinking tea from her grandmother's china tea service and eating carrot and walnut muffins.   And very nice it was too.

My Clarity stamps parcel arrived yesterday, so I've had a little play.  This is my first attempt at Zentangling and it was surprisingly fun to do.

I've also had a bit of play with my promarkers (did I mention I have them all now) - hope I can persuade my brother to complete my flexmarker collection for Christmas.   Thinking about it, the new fine tips for the promarkers would probably be great for zentangling - I'll have to give it a go.

Anyway, back to the colouring - Did Humphrey
Inspired by Linda Hill I used the pale shades of the flexmarkers to do the spotty background.  Think it looks ok.    I'll make them both up into cards sometime in the next couple of days.

Talking about cards - my friend asked me if she could buy some of my cards off me for Christmas.  I asked her if she wanted them all the same, or a selection.  And she said "a selection".  So I asked "how many do you want?"   "About 30" she said.  So I've given her a price and I haven't heard from her since - lol.   But then she's probably got a life to live at weekends.


Later folks


  1. I hope you hear from your friend about the cards. It can be awkward can't it when its friends or family who ask you to do something for them. I had some bags on my Folksy shop and my niece wanted one for her daughter and kept asking me if I would do one for her, I kept saying they are on my shop if you want one. It was so obvious she wanted it for nothing, and although I wouldn't mind she is much better off than we are and I am trying to start up my business, not give it away lol.

  2. 'love the dotty background on the humphrey card.
    I don't sell cards but am sometimes asked to make specials,folk always say they'll pay me for them but seldom do and it's awkward to ask.


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