Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A bit of an update

WARNING - A bit wordy, no photos

Firstly, my pal got back to me about the Christmas cards - she accepted the price I quoted, which I'm quite glad about because I certainly didn't overcharge, works at £1 per card, which won't give me a huge profit, but will cover my costs, plus a little extra for my time.  So that's good.   I will use the opportunity to use lots of my CDs and stamps and learn some new folds.  

Talking about folds - I have a Hougie board now.  It was a free gift for renewing my subscription with Crafts Beautiful.   Also included the accompanying book describing various folds, some of which I really want to try, so I might do that and be back later with a photo or 2.   Plus, one of those special clear plastic rulers with metal in one edge.

Now, there may of been a few of you around back in the earlyish days of this blog, when I struggled for a while with getting blinkies on the side bar, and adding links and all that kind of technical stuff.   I can't say I'm hugely experienced at it all now, but I was having a look the other day and decided that the description at the top no longer fitted the contents of the blog, so thought I'd change it.  Surely I could cope with editing a bit of text.  How difficult could it be.  Far more difficult than you'd think.  Maybe it's me, maybe it's the site, but it keeps telling me that my html doesn't fit and I can only have 500 characters.   Given that I only had 94 words I couldn't understand this.   But, strangely enough, as I've just typed this I have realised that 94 words is not the same as 94 characters.  How stupid do I feel right now????   Please don't answer that.   Well not unless you are going to make me feel not quite so daft.

So, that said, I will go back and edit it shortly and see if it works

Back - well who'd have thought it - if you can count properly it all works so much better. 

Another thing I want to do is to set up a separate blog/page/link whatever for various categories, so one for my photography stuff, one for baking, crafts/cards, with descriptions and processes and stuff.  Maybe even one for book reviews, but that might be taking things a little bit far.    Let's take baby steps to start.

And talking about babies - a polkadoodle baby from Sundae of Seasons CD coloured with flexmarkers
And if you were paying attention you will notice that I have I lied about no photos.

Later folks


  1. Well done on sorting out the blog, I am still unsure of how to do lots of things on here xx

  2. Fab blog. I have become a follower and thank you for joining my blog :)

    Linda aka Tiggy


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