Sunday, 22 January 2012

6 weeks or so

I think it's been about 6 weeks since I last did a blog entry, and I've not been very productive in that time, in terms of crafting, but I have done some other stuff.    I'm the first to admit that I'm a bit slovenly around the house, some of this is due to depression, some is down to not having any energy at the end of the working day/week, and some of it's down to pure laziness.  But for some reason, just before Christmas I looked at the house and thought "how the heck have I let it get this bad"  Fortunately I had some time off over the Christmas period and spent nearly all of it scrubbing the ensuite and kitchen.  The rest of this year will be spent maintaining that and trying to do a bit more so that by next Christmas all I'll have to do is flick a duster round and it will be presentable for visitors.

There would be a picture of the nice clean kitchen here, but I've just remembered I took it on my phone, so it's not saved on my laptop.

But what is stored are my photos of my first garden project of 2012 - the shed. 

I didn't actually put the shed up myself, but I did clear the shed base, chop down the tree and assemble the shelves.

i've also decided to start scrapbooking my garden adventure, but haven't started it yet.  I have printed the pictures out, so maybe next weekend.

later folks

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  1. Thats a bit shed, hope you have a lovely time doing your gardening. I cant wait to get out in my garden again.


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