Sunday, 28 August 2011

oh such wickedness

I have only gone and ordered 27 promarkers and a wallet to store them in.   But in my defence I had £22 in my paypal account, and ordered the first 15 from Joanna Sheen.  At £1.69 per pen that's £25.35.   So £3.35 for 15 pens.   So  not so wicked after all.

But then I found this in my list of blogs, so of course had to go and have a look.   And that's when I ordered another 12 pens which had a free fine tip with each one.   And seeing that I have official Letraset wallets for all my promarkers so far, I had to get another one to contain my new selection.   So spent another £25.73. 

If you look at the RRP of £2.20 per pen that's £59.40 plus 4 packs of fine tips (3 per pack) at £1.99 per pack which is an additional £7.96, and the wallet at £10.71 gives a total price of £78.07.   And I paid, in total, £29.08.

Which is a bargain in anybody's book.  

Later folks



  1. Thats the kind of bargain I like. I got a load of the fine nips from Joanna when she had them in specials....I love her specials, and that there is no postage. Enjoy your bargain. Hugs lin

  2. Ah, now you've gone and tempted me. I was going to be good and not buy art supplies for at least the rest of the month. Oh well, at least I slid off the road of good intentions for a fantastic deal.

  3. You've completely bamboozled me now LOL. Congrats on the bargain... I must not buy more promarkers... I must not buy more promarkers....oh I'm off for a look :) Jaqui x

  4. At least this hobby is cheaper than photography - should have taken this up, but then I have no artistic skill with pens - Have fun.


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