Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A thrilled recipient

Well today I gave my pal her engagement card and she loved it. As did her fiance. All the girls were well impressed and said I should sell them. One card does not exactly make a business, but it's nice to be appreciated, and my "talent/skill" recognised.

Yesterday I made a stew of sorts. It was intended to be "cawl" which for those who don't know is a lamb stew however it was only my second attempt at ever making it. The first attempt was about 20 years ago and it was a disaster. This time, it was a bit better, but still not great. But I will persevere. The home made bread was nice though (sunflower bread mix from Lidl)

Tonight I printed off enough blank menu plans for a whole year. Complete with a column for how much each meal costs.

I will be economical and frugal if it kills me.....


  1. Yaaayyy, I am not surprised that your friends loved it as it is a beautiful card xxx

  2. Well Done you again!!! My mum makes my cawl for me!!!! But I do love it because it is sooooo cheap to make - The peice of lambe "we" ...ok my mum uses is only about £2.50-£3 tops and it makes enough for a family of five and three portions to be frozen!!! Your card was lush ans well thought out for the person who was receiving it!! Heres to a frugal new year for both of us!!! xxx


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